3 Years 





Black and White

Living With Children

I could live with quiet and patient children who understand my handling needs

Ideal Home Situation

I would like an experienced home that could bond me with their female rabbit

Cookie is patiently waiting for his new home.


Cookie arrived with his girlfriend and son as their owner could no longer care for them. He has since made himdelf at home with  one of our fosterers.


We’re looking for an experienced rabbit owner who can provide him with a loving home and a female companian! An experienced rabbit owner would be ideal so that Cookie can be gently bonded with a potential companian. Cookie could be fostered by his new family ro ensure the bunnies will be firm friends before adoption. 


Cookie has been neutered and has got much better at being handled... and apparently loves the cat in his current foster family! 


If you’d like to offer Cookie the home he so deserves, please visit our website where you can complete a Perfect Match Form on our small furries page: