Dee Dee





I would prefer not to live with children


2 Years 6 Months

Tortie and White

Domestic Long Hair

Living With Children

Living With Dogs / Cats

I would prefer to be the only pet

Ideal Home Situation

An experienced cat owner with a home with a quiet road and a large garden that she can play safely in.

Introducing Dee Dee

Dee Dee is a beautiful tortie and white girl. 

At just 2 and a half years old this stunning girl is still a big kitten at heart and loves to play with all of her toys, especially if the toy in question has been covered in catnip!

Dee Dee has only lived as an indoor cat so far, so is finding it difficult to settle into her new environment. She is slowly gaining our trust and will have a fuss on her own terms. 

Dee Dee is looking for a cat savvy owner who has experience with cats, to slowly introduce her to new things at her own pace. As she has not been outdoors before she would ideally need to be homed to a home on a quiet road, with a larger sized garden where she can play and explore safely.

We think Dee Dee would currently be best suited to a child-free home.

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