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6 Years 9 Months

Brindle and white

English Bull Terrier

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Meet our wonderful man Diesel. He has not had the correct start to life and has been through a tough time medically and mentally but he has bounced back amazingly. 

Unfortunately because of ongoing ear problems it has resulted in Diesel having two operations to remove his ear canals. He can hear slight high pitched or very loud sounds but is mostly deaf. 

He loves to be outside, either playing with his treat ball, running around, exploring the bushes with new smells and a favourite of his is just to laze around and sunbathe when the sun is shining. 

Time has to be taken for a bond to be built with Diesel but he has shown he can make amazing relationships with people. 

Diesel is reactive towards other dogs so therefore Diesel is required to wear a muzzle when in public areas for the safety of other animals and people. Diesel loves walks where it is quiet for him and not too many dogs or people that might overwhelm him.  

Diesel needs a home with adults only, no other pets and who are experienced with Bull Terrier breeds. Diesel will require owners to be patient with him because settling into a home environment will take time for him to adjust as he has been used to living outside and in kennels. Typical English Bull Terrier style - Diesel can be a bit nippy. This is an area Diesels new owners will need to demonstrate confidence and an ability to help him cope with situations he finds overwhelming.. 

 Diesel has so much love to give -  can you offer him the home he deserves?

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