Foster a Dog

Why should I consider Fostering?

You may love spending time with animals but are unable to make a full-time commitment to owning an animal due to a busy life style or financial commitments.

What will be expected of me as a foster home?

Essentially, you would be taking care of the animal as if they were your own, going for walks, play time and cosying up on the sofa.

You will need to have lots of time to give to your foster animal. 


Why do CDCH animals need foster homes?


Many of our animals that come to us have never been in a kennel or cattery environment and find it over-whelming or stressful.

Some of the animals that come to us are very young and living in a kennel or cattery environment may not be a healthy environment for developing social skills. They also don’t get the opportunity to understand how to behave in a home environment.

What does fostering involve?

We have several foster schemes available to suit people’s availability and commitments. You may only be able to foster for 1 – 2 weeks for example or you may be able to foster on a longer term basis.

 You may be required to bring the animal back to the centre for regular health checks.

You will need to understand that the foster is a temporary agreement and sometimes, adopting the animal may not be an option.

What are the costs?

Any equipment such as walking harnesses, toys or litter trays will be provided by CDCH. Food will also be supplied along with any medication needed.

Fostering for CDCH

'I have fostered two older dogs for CDCH, Benji a poodle with health issues and Juke a Staffie X also with health issues; Juke is a long term foster boy.

The staff at CDCH are very supportive and always available for advice if I am concerned about anything. They are friendly and welcoming both for the fosterer and the dogs, nothing is too much trouble where the care for the dogs is concerned' 


Foster a Dog

Dogs looking for Foster Homes

SEX: Male


AGE: 9 Years 

Our handsome chap Denzil is a 9 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who hasn't had the best start in life.


He loves human company and will happily go on walks with dogs after meeting them politely. He LOVES food and enjoys mental stimulation games with kongs and puzzle feeders.


Denzil has wobbly back legs with knees which can sometimes dislocate so he is after a fosterer who will take things at his pace and stop him from overexerting himself.



SEX: Female

AGE: 10 Years

Roo is a 10 year old Staffie who would love to be in a foster home! 

She absolutely adores people, fuss and food!  Roo's ideal day would be sprawled out on the sofa with her lovely foster parents having a good snooze. 


She isn't too fussed about going on long walks so a few 20-30 minute walks a day would suit her lovely!


Can you provide a foster home for any of our dogs?

Yes? Great, then please complete our perfect match form! or call us at the centre 01453 890014

If we feel that you are a good match we will get in contact to arrange a viewing.