Happily Homed


Lyra Draw me like one of your French Kit


Lyra (known as Holly when we adopted her) has become the centre of our household.


When we first brought her home we were worried as she proceeded to dominate the living room and decided to bite the top of our feet when I made some sausage sandwiches.


After a couple of days with a steady routine of Feliway, wet food and Dreamies when she didn't attack us she was no longer so predatory at meal times. Now a year on she is super cuddly with such a fantastic personality. We love her and how she has taken over our home.

One of Lyra's great pastimes is her Opera singing. I don't know how much she practiced her talents while a resident at CDCH but she has certainly developed her skills with us. Her favourite renditions are 'The Classic Symphony of I Present Thee with a Toy Mouse' this is the performance of the classic tale of cat hunts catnip mouse downstairs and upon conquering said mouse presents it loudly at the foot of our bed at 3am. Lyra famously performs 'Let me Sing you the Song of my People in C minor' when we are Zoom calls at work and often gets requests from our co-workers. We also have the ballad of 'I Demand my Dinner Peasants - Feed Me Now' if we happen to go past 6pm without getting the wet food.

Long story short, we love her so much and she’s been the best thing to happen to us. 

sid 1st birthday.jpg


Sid the Labrador was removed from a property after the RSPCA was sent footage of the dog being repeatedly beaten by his owner. The 10- month-old male dog was tethered to an outdoor kennel and was subjected to multiple beatings with a stick.


Fortunately, a neighbour had caught the act on video and immediately alerted the RSPCA. Inspector who called CDCH. Although she was aware that it meant travelling the dog some distance, she really wanted the dog to be somewhere ‘really nice’. The whole team took this as a great compliment. Sid is a fabulous dog and despite his past, he is very well adjusted. One member of the team, Ann-Marie our receptionist fell in love with him.


She said "He really is such a gorgeous boy and really cannot imagine why anyone would treat him as they did". She officially adopted him and has never looked back even if he can be very naughty at times!



After 3 weeks of getting to know each other Oscar and I quickly found a lovely rhythm of life together. He has taken up the role of my “Office Manager” and I would say he is firm but fair but it is a real stickler for punctuality when it comes to treats!


Even at 14 we still have two walks a day, one of which always includes some “zoomie” time in a field!  He still has a zest for life that always make me smile. He has a comfy bed in pretty much every room in the house but in the last 3 months has become a real snuggle bug in the evenings, and loves to be up on the sofa with me watching telly.


I always knew that when I was finally able to have a dog in my life that I wanted to adopt and loved the idea of giving an older dog a lovely retirement home, but it has been one of the most joyful things I have ever done. I urge anyone thinking about adopting to not overlook the older girls and boys as they have so so much laughter, smiles and love to give to you.


I can’t imagine life without my quirky, stubborn and sometimes grumpy old boy but I do know that 2020 would have been so much tougher for me without him. 


A huge thank you to Cotswold Dogs and Cats for looking after him and not giving up on him for 214 days. WhenI saw his face on the website and knew I had to fill in the form and adopt.

Kate and Oscar



Our beautiful Mouse became part of our family on 01st September 2020.

Mouse was one of 8 Terriers rescued in August 2020 from appalling conditions, kept in dirty rusty cages...horrific for all of them.

I believe Mouse was the first to be re-homed and we were very honoured to be given the privilege of welcoming her to join her older adopted brother Squeak (this was purely coincidental Mouse+Squeak!)

Mouse settled in extremely well with the support of her new brother who showed her the ropes, particularly with the toilet training which she mastered within two days!

We then put her in at the deep end and took her to Cornwall in the Motorhome for 18 days, she took to this like a duck to water and absolutely loved every minute of her adventure (no accidents!)

She loved the beach and paddling in the sea and making new friends. Her recall was excellent and eventually we let her have her freedom on a large quiet beach. She was just like “Bambi” with her legs totally out of coordination when she ran and could she run, she was like a pocket rocket and she enjoyed every minute of it!

Back at home we are fortunate to live next to a National Trust Estate with river walks and lots of canine companions, yes Mouse is really at home in her new environment and we adore her as does everyone who meets her.

We simply could not imagine life without bubbly, full of fun, affectionate Mouse.

Thank you Ebony and all at CCDH.



Pedro was fostered by Ebony, our Animal Care Team Leader from 2017 and finally adopted in 2019 when we won his court case and was eventually signed over to CDCH. He was removed from a horrific puppy farm with 74+ other dogs, he was one of the breeding males. We had 3 of the dogs from this case in our care - Pedro, Lupin and Oscar. Peddy has had some behavioural challenges to overcome and many medical issues since, and has had 4 operations which were a dental, eye removal and 2 operations to fix his luxating patella. Now, he lives the high life with his big brother Chester, another rescue spaniel, and his favourite place is the beach. He has been on many adventures and has many more to come. Ebony says “He is my little sidekick and even joins me on my paddle board which I would say he tolerates rather than enjoys! If it was up to him he'd spend most of his time in bed asleep”. She added:

“I'm forever grateful for having the opportunity to have experienced Pedro's journey through CDCH and now have memories of him within my home.”

Crumble Nov.jpg


Crumble was one of five kittens who came to the centre in the summer with her mother, Pudding. Crumble was adopted at the end of July this year as a timid 10-week-old kitten. This was the first time she had been away from her family and was rightly scared! Unfortunately for her, she had ringworm but the vet had allowed her to be released as she was going straight into isolation - in Kate, her adopters spare room! Kate said “She very quickly settled in - purring by the second day and having a lot of fun playing with her new toys. The medication was easy to give her and she took it very well. Before I knew it, she'd had two tests to see if the Ringworm had gone and it had! Woo-hoo Finally she had access to the rest of the house! She was spayed in October and now enjoys time in the back garden. She has certainly settled in well and loves her fluffy bed!”

Kate and Crumble x



In September 2016 we adopted our very first animals from the centre into their forever homes! Pingu the cat also celebrated his 4th Birthday in May! Here is what Pingus owner had to say;

'When we first adopted Pingu, he was a very nervous timid cat. He would go and hide when any new people arrived. Now he will accept strangers in the house, even approaching them to get attention. '


'He is a very loving and playful cat. Table tennis balls, toy mice and chasing laser beams he finds enjoyable.'

'He likes human company. He will always come and sit close to people, but he is not a lap cat. He loves being stroked and tickled.'

'He hunts at nights and loves to bring me mice both alive and dead. I still prefer the dead ones. Trying to catch the live ones is not my favourite activity. '

'He seems to think feeding time should be at sunrise and will start meowing at first light. Great in winter, but not in the summertime. Then when you feed him he won't eat unless you stay and watch him. '

'He does sleep a lot during the day, but because he hunts at night. He has always been a slim cat.'

'I always had a cat in my younger days and wanted to have a cat for company in retirement. I thought adopting was the way to do it. I have never regretted adopting Pingu