5 years old

Living With Children

Adult only home currently




Domestic short haired


Tortie and White

Living With Dogs / Cats

I would prefer to be the only pet in the home

Ideal Home Situation

An understanding cat savvy home

Introducing Lacey 

Lacey is a beautiful 5 year old tortie and white girl.

Lacey does enjoy having some fuss on her own terms and will tell you when she has had enough. She is happy to curl up in a bed next to you and keep you company as long as she is in charge of interactions.
She isn't keen on fast movements, and at the moment can at time be a little possessive with resources like her food bowl and bed when you move them. 

When Lacey first came into the centre it was assumed that she was pregnant, although we later discovered that it was an infection in her uterus called 'Pyometra'. This would have been making her feel miserable and causing her pain. Her behaviour has already started to improve since her operation, and we hope with time and the right home, she will start to feel safe and relaxed. 

Lacey is eager to get back to regular life with lots of adventures. She's looking for a more rural home where she can explore and have her independence whilst still enjoying the luxury's of modern living.

Due to her her sassy temperament, Lacey would suit an adult only home, ideally with previous cat experience.

If you think you could offer Lacey the home she requires, please apply below.

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