2 Years

Living With Children

I could live with older children




Terrier X


Black / Grey

Living With Dogs / Cats

We would like be the only pets in the home

Ideal Home Situation

I need my human to be around most of the time

Introducing Milo, his sweet but timid nature has stolen the hearts of all the staff here! 

Milo's little tail hasn't stopped wagging since forming lovely relationships with everyone here at the centre. He has a sweet and gentle nature towards humans, and thrives in their company so would benefit from a home that is around for most of the day. Milo could live in a home with older children; above the age of 10 years. 

He's young and active, making him a great companion for an active person(s) who love exploring and going on new adventures! He enjoys frequent play sessions; his all time favourite game is fetch! Even though Milo is active, he likes his down time so won't say no to a cuddle on the sofa!

Unfortunately it is clear that Milo has had minimal socialisation or previous negative experiences with other dogs. He becomes very distressed when seeing them and displays a strong fear response towards them; he will alarm bark and try to flee. Due to this Milo will need to be the only dog in the home. He will need an understanding, committed and confident owner that is willing to help him become more comfortable in the presence of other dogs. Milo has already started to have positive and calm exposure to other dogs from a distance so this will need continuing within the home. 

If you're looking for a dog that you can enjoy the best of both worlds with (active but enjoys home comforts) then Milo could be everything you've been looking for. Due to having two dogs called Milo onsite at the moment please use the name Milo2 on our perfect match form when applying for him.