There are many benefits to be gained from having your pet neutered.  Watch our two minute educational video to find out more and read on to see how we can help.

Sponsored by The Anthony V Martin Charitable Trust in fond memory of Hans the rescue dog

Neutering Vouchers

Our neutering voucher policy has been designed to ensure that as many animals as possible can benefit from our limited resources.  As with our clinic the scheme exists to provide people on income support with a low cost solution to their animal health problems. Assuming the bill exceeds £50 and the pet owner is in receipt of one of the following:

  • Income Support

  • Sickness/Invalild Benefit

  • Pension Credits

  • Unemployment Benefit

  • Widow's Benefit

  • Housing Benefit

  • Severe Disability Benefit

  • A special case referral by a veterinary surgeon or approved by the committee

You must call into the office with proof of benefit and a copy of the vet's bill. We will then ask you to complete and sign an Almoning Form before we issue you with a voucher to take to your vet. Your vet will either refund the portion being paid by the RSPCA or credit your vet account. Please note that only one voucher can be issued in any 12 month period.

When bringing your proof of benefit and vet's bill into the office, you should also pay your donation towards the cost of the operation. These are currently set as follows:

  • Bitch Spay: £75.00

  • Dog Castrate: £55.00

  • Cat Spay: £35.00

  • Cat Castrate: £25.00

You will then be given an RSPCA Voucher to take to your vet to advise that we will cover the full cost of the neutering operation.