Dear Friends of the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home

It is with great sadness that we have made the decision to temporarily close all Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home shops from 2pm on Monday 23rd March 2020.   Closing our 10 shops will have a huge impact on our income as we rely on the generosity of the local community to help us raise funds through our shops. Our general fundraising will be also be significantly affected as we have had t...

Peach arrived in our care as a stray after mum was found too unwell to raise her. Raising a kitten without mum is always challenging and the devoted team at the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home are providing her with round the clock care and monitoring.  This entails regular feeding with a special formula every 2-4 hours throughout the night because her little body cannot survive long without essential nutrients. She also needs to b...

The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home is the leading animal rescue charity in the area, and every year we care for hundreds of abused, abandoned and neglected animals. Not only do we ensure our animals are looked after, kept safe and given plenty of love, we also work to carefully find them new families for their forever homes, as well as providing our low cost weekly veterinary clinics in the local area so that no animal suffers bec...

HUGE Thanks to Petplan Animal Live Fund (£4,250 grant) and Petplan Charitable Trust (£5,000) as we have secured an awesome £9,250 grant towards the cost of veterinary bills this year! 

This is amazing news and we are so grateful for their help and support, as each year we budget thousands of pounds for the cost of veterinary fees and treatments.  We predict that the cost of vet fees across rehoming, clinic welfare and neu...

Lisa Maxwell, our charity patron made a special guest appearance in the popular custard pie of radio comedy "I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again… AGAIN!". Two of our lucky volunteers were invited along to the evening to meet the cast and hold a collection for the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home. 

Lisa performed on stage at Stroud Subscription Rooms in the classic radio comedy style with live music and sound effec...

Eight weeks ago Timmy arrived at our centre after being seized by an RSPCA Inspector. Timmy suffered years of on-going neglect and was starved to the point of near death. After vet examination it was clear that if our help had come a day later for Timmy we would be telling a very different, tragic story today.  

Timmy has spent 8 weeks on a weight management plan, we have watched his once small emaciated body grow str...

Just before the Christmas break our charity shop in Wotton-Under-Edge was been broken into.

The safe was stolen during the break in and we just cant understand why anyone would want to steal anything let alone from a charity. 

🚫We are appealing for anyone with any information to PLEASE come forward. You can contact us on 01453 890014 or send us a private message. You can also contact the non emergency police number (we will upd...

ONE little dog has big dreams for 2020 and is hoping the new year will see a new start for him.

Four-year-old shih tzu Tommy has now been in RSPCA care for a total of two years and two months.

He spent a year with Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home in 2016 before being re-homed.  Sadly he arrived back at the centre in September 2018 and has now been patiently waiting for the right home for over a year.

Ebony Poole said: “Poor little To...

Gorgeous Betty came into our care after needing emergency surgery to remove both of her eyes at just 6 years old. Unfortunately, Betty had glaucoma in both eyes which was left untreated. Betty now needs plenty of aftercare as well as some much needed TLC. 

We want to thank our wonderful supporters for their donations and well wishes, and for the first class care provided by Vale Vets, Dursley as her eyes are healing really...

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