4 1/2 years 

Living With Children

I need an adult only home






Domestic Semi Long-Hair

Living With Dogs / Cats

I'd like to be the only pet

Ideal Home Situation

A rural setting, where I can have plenty of space to do my own thing

We are searching for an experienced home for the somewhat fractious Panda.


Panda is four and a half years of age and she's polydactyl which means she has an extra toe on her front feet.  Panda can be a little unpredictable in that she will be enjoying some fuss and affection, but is quick to let you know when she's had enough.  For this reason we would be looking for an experienced household who have had fractious cats before.  When Panda first came to us she was very scared and hid away for a few days, so her potential adopters must be able to give her plenty of time and hiding places to help her settle in.

Panda would best be suited to a home where she is the only pet, a home with no children and in a rural area where she can go out and venture.