World Spay Day 2019

February 26th 2019 marks the 24th annual World Spay Day and here at the Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home, we are happy to promote such an important cause!

Spaying has long been recognised as the easiest and most effective way to control the cat population: unfortunately, there are thousands of unwanted cats and kittens in the UK, and something must be done to stop this number growing.

Female cats can become pregnant at a few months old and can have 3 litters a year, so one unneutered female can be responsible for 20,000 descendants in just five years! Our advice is simple: having your cat spayed before they are four months old is a safe and painless way to stop this from happening.

Male cats should be neutered too, to protect them from catching diseases and fighting with other males. The other benefits of spaying your cat include:

  • Reduced spraying and marking

  • Lower chance of your pet straying

  • Reduced aggression and stress

  • Lower risk of certain cancers

  • Lower risk of certain diseases such as FIV and leukemia

  • Increased average lifespan

Take your responsibility as a pet owner seriously and protect your pet today.

Neutering Vouchers

These vouchers are available to those people receiving means-tested benefits. Please see here for more details of accepted benefits.

When bringing your proof of benefit and vet's bill into the office, you should also pay your donation towards the cost of the operation. These are currently set as follows:

  • Bitch Spay: £75.00

  • Dog Castrate: £55.00

  • Cat Spay: £35.75

  • Cat Castrate: £22.00

  • Rabbit Spay: £45.00

  • Rabbit Castrate: £27.00

You will then be given an RSPCA Voucher to take to your vet to advise that we will cover the full cost of the neutering operation.

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