A rough start for 3 gorgeous Jack Russells ends with a happily ever after

Not long after the CDCH centre opened it’s doors, we were contacted by the RSPCA Inspectors who had recovered more than 40 dogs from a puppy farm. The dogs were all taken to various different centres over the UK to begin their recovery and rehabilitation.

The dogs, mostly Jack Russells, were found in appalling conditions, living in cramped cages in a barn. All of the animals recovered were part of a case, involving the owners of the puppy farm. This meant that none of the dogs could be rehomed until the case had been through the courts and a verdict was reached.

CDCH welcomed three of the ‘Case dogs’, all little male Jack Russell Terriers who were named Oscar, Lupin and Pedro. All three were very different characters. Oscar loved people and big dogs but displayed strong stereotypic behaviours such as spinning. Lupin was incredibly wary of people and would run and hide in his back kennel whenever anyone approached. It took staff several weeks to be able to get him further than the grass area outside of his kennel. Pedro was also incredibly nervous and would flinch at any movement, cough or loud noise. He too, took many weeks to be able to go for a walk on a lead.

The dogs were all between 5 and 7 years old and had clearly suffered years of neglect and cruelty. But with time and patience, all of the dogs became trusting, playful and very much part of the CDCH family.

All three dogs had various health issues, Pedro in particular had a severe luxating patella which caused him to hop on three legs, multiple dental issues and problems with his sight in both eyes. He was seen by an optologist who confirmed that Pedro had a luxating lens in his left eye which had been caused by a trauma to the head. Sadly, the eye deteriorated and Pedro had to have the eye removed. The luxating patella was also causing Pedro considerable pain and we made the decision to perform the procedure on his knee.

Pedro was taken into foster by our Kennels Senior to recover from his operation. Pedro soon made himself at home and became very attached to Chester, the families cocker spaniel. After some time, it became clear that Pedro was very much enjoying life with his new family and everyone in the home grew very attached to him.

After nearly two years, the Court case against the illegal puppy breeders was finally closed and the dogs were finally able to be adopted. Lupin was snapped up by a local couple who had met him at our annual dog show and fell instantly in love.

Lupin now lives the life of riley and has made friends with his neighbours’ cat! Oscar was adopted by his foster carer and lives in the country side with two giant poodles. Sadly, Oscar went blind shortly after he was adopted but that doesn’t stop him enjoying his walks with his best buds.

And Pedro, of course, now lives with our senior on kennels and her family. He still struggles with meeting people and new dogs but is lapping up all his home comforts. His favourite hobby is sleeping on the sofa, cuddled up to his mum.

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