Poor Nelson is finally on the road to recovery

Introducing the sniffly but handsome Nelson. On Wednesday 6th May, a beautiful little male cat was brought to Vale vets by the inspectors after being reported to the RSPCA as an unhealthy feral cat. The Inspectors took him to Vale vets where he was nebulised to help him with his breathing and congestion. Poor Nelson, as he has been named, could barely open his eyes due to them being stuck together with discharge. After spending two nights with Vale vets, he was well enough to come to the Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home. Nelson is receiving treatment to help his respiratory system and pain relief to make sure he’s comfortable. We will need to ensure he has regular vet visits to keep an eye on his recovery. Nelson has already improved although he still has some way to go before he will be ready for rehoming. The team are caring for Nelson around the clock to ensure he has the best chance of a full recovery. Once Nelson has recovered we will ensure he is neutered, vaccinated and has his flea and worming treatment. We estimate Nelsons vet care costs alone to cost around £200 by the time he is ready to be adopted, so this doesn’t include is food, shelter and care by the team. This poor boy deserves to feel happy and healthy! Our current appeal is to help us cover vet costs. Nelson is just one example of the animals still coming in needing our emergency care. Nelson will of course continue to receive all the treatment he needs regardless but we would really appreciate any donations you can offer. Our vet bill comes to around £100,000 each year. A huge expense for a small charity. You can donate directly to our appeal asking for help with vet care costs HERE. Thank you from all of the team!

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