Noah Urgently Needs Your Support

We are appealing for your help - Noah has had extensive surgery but we now need to get him the hydrotherapy he needs to help his leg recover.....

‘April showers’ appeared early this year which caused floods across the UK in February and March. As these horrific floods were happening around us, an RSPCA Inspector attended an emergency incident in Gloucester after calls had been received that a dog was stuck in rising flood water, tethered to a kennel.

When they arrived, they found exactly that - a young lurcher type dog, sat on top of a kennel, tethered and surrounded by 4ft of water. The Fire and Rescue Service were called immediately to ensure a safe rescue was possible.

He was thankfully rescued from the flood water, and brought to The Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home at 10pm on a cold February night. As he was carried through our doors, we could see how scared and cold this young dog was. The team came up with a fitting new name for this poor chap and he is now called, ‘Noah’.

It was clear that Noah needed some much-needed love and care but it quickly became apparent that he was also struggling to walk on his left hind leg.

Noah saw our vet as soon as possible, who noticed the obvious health concerns of being underweight, having conjunctivitis as well as multiple wounds on his body. The one major concern was his leg, Noah was continuously hopping to avoid adding any weight to it and was clearly in a lot of pain and discomfort.

X-rays were performed on Noah’s leg to try and understand what could be causing him so much discomfort. We were horrified to find that Noah had an aging left acetabular and ischiatic fracture and a left fibular fracture- which is a fracture through his pelvis and a small fracture further down his leg that had started to heal incorrectly due to them not being treated.

Noah required surgery to resolve this as soon as possible, and the operation required removing the ball (head and neck) of the femur (thighbone). This will heal and allow the hip joint to develop its own fibrous scar tissue, so that it forms a ‘false joint’. This is a salvage procedure called a Femoral Head and Neck Excision (FHNE). As you can imagine, this came at quite a cost to our charity but it was important to get Noah on the road to recovery.

It is now 3 months on from this operation, and Noah has made excellent improvement in both his health as well as relationships with the staff here at the centre. He has been having intensive physiotherapy to aid his leg to recovery but still has a long road ahead of him so requires hydrotherapy to help him recover to his full potential.

Our friends at PET Rehab have very kindly offered to give Noah his initial 10 sessions at a reduced cost of £300. It may be that he needs more but we will see how he reacts to his initial treatment.

We are appealing to you, our wonderful supports, to help us raise the £300 we need to get Noah booked in as soon as possible.

Please DONATE what you can. Every penny donated on this post will go directly to the cost of Noahs treatment. If we raise more than £300, this amount will be put aside for his next lot of treatment. We expect this to be a long road to recovery for our poor boy. You can donate by CLICKING HERE.

Again, thank you.... we couldn't ensure animals like Noah get the treatment they need and deserve without your care.

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