Wilf Found His Forever Home After a Long Journey With CDCH

Wilf first came into the care of Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home early February 2019. Wilf was bought into us by an RSPCA inspector at 9 months old. He had been restricted to a very small outside area with 2 other puppies. Being restricted to such a small area wasn't what any dog deserves.

Due to his living conditions before he came into our care, Wilf hadn't been exposed to many day to day things. He was a bouncy puppy, of course, but always very aware and a little reactive of anything he wasn't sure of.

Wilf went to a couple of different homes in the first 10 months of being in our care but for one reason or another it just didn't work out for him.

In December, whilst in a foster home he tragically broke his leg. Once he came back to the centre, a member of staff, Haley, fostered Wilf to help him with his recovery. He didn't cope well in kennels and we just didn't want to cause any extra stress for him.

The leg was operated on by Vale Vets, Dursley to put a plate and screws in. Unfortunately, Wilf was having issues with the skin healing over where the plate was.

After just over 2 months of crossing fingers, bandage changes and plenty of vet visits the decision was made to amputate Wilfs leg. Since breaking it a couple of months before, he had started not to use his leg and without it he could recover much quicker!

Wilf was able to go to his foster home with Haley the next day after his operation - it was safe to say she couldn't wait to get him home!

Wilf spent the first 2 weeks resting and recovering. He was very quiet and spent a lot of his days sleeping it off on the sofa. Although tired and recovering from a major operation, from day 1 Wilf walked and coped very well on 3 legs.

Once he started recovering Wilf was feeling much happier and more confident. Wilf has always been a little nervous of new things but as he recovered in a foster home he was starting to adjust to normal life and trust a lot more.

Wilf settled in well to a home with a crazy springer (who he completely adored) and a 4 year old girl (who he loved even more). He was content and recovering well. It was time to start looking for a forever home for Wilf!

A wonderful family came forward for Wilf. They were perfect. They already had a lurcher called Jess and a young daughter too. Wilfs new family met him and instantly fell in love. He's not always the best at meeting new people but they were so understanding and gave him the space he needed so he could trust them before getting too close. By the end of their first walk he was being led by his new Mum and Dad, enjoying tummy tickles and beaming with happiness. He had chosen.... 'that's my new family!'.

Wilf has now been with his family for almost 3 months and he has settled in so well. He has completely healed from his major operation and is starting to get used to new situations.

Here is what his new Dad had to say....

'Wilf joined our family just before the lockdown, when we saw him online we thought he'd be a good fit with our family. He's a lovely lad, if not overburdened with intelligence. He settled in really well, immediately bonding with our 6 year old daughter and us. Wilf has been very respectful of our older girl lurcher Jess and that's paid off brilliantly now as they get on fine- in fact they're often found playing together - which is something Jess has rarely done in past so he's actually helping her out too while she helps him settle in.

Wilf has been fine meeting other dogs, he's run around playing in pack with no problems, he doesn't seem to know he's got a leg missing- he's still one of the fastest. Obviously with the current situation we've not been able to work much on his social skills in the wide world and that does need work- but we're not daunted at all and know he'll get there. He was quite the barker when he arrived,but that's getting better every day as he settles in and gets used to the ambient noises where we live.

Physically he's in great shape, it's hard to believe it's so short a time since his amputation, he's showing no signs of any problems there, he struggles a little when he's tired but hey,don't we all? In all we're really happy how he's settled in, no fall outs, no issues we can't deal with, no problems with Jess or Erin, no signs of the fear of men we were warned about. We've had regular contact with the centre seeing how it's all going especially Haley as our kids really hit it off. We're really happy with Wilfs progress and he seems happy too.'

We couldn't be happier for you Wilf, it was a journey full of ups and downs but you got there in the end!!

Huge thank you to his wonderful new family for giving him such an amazing, secure home! We will all be forever grateful!

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Thank you!

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