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In the first week of May, the inspectors called having caught an unhealthy ‘feral’ cat in a trap. The young male cat was in a terrible state, his eyes were almost sealed shut with infection and his breathing was restricted due to his nose streaming with mucus.

Nelson was admitted to Vale vets where he received treatment and was monitored every 30 minutes to clear his airways.

After a couple of days, the CDCH team brought him to the centre where he was isolated. Although his health is gradually improving, it is likely that Nelson will never fully recover as the respiratory virus or bacteria may leave him with permanent rhinitis.

Providing his health continues to improve, we hope that Nelson will be available for adoption in rural environment with lots of space to be an independent cat.


When Rene arrived, he was clearly a very nervous dog and the team spent many patient hours sitting outside his

kennel, gradually gaining enough trust for him to come out for a walk.

Rene had never been groomed and his hair was matted, smelly and completely covering his eyes, possibly making it hard for him to see. We took him to Vale to have his treatment under sedation. A good trim, neuter, vaccination and nail clip, have all gone a long way to make him feel a little more comfortable.

He is making slow and steady progress and at this stage, we feel he can be responsibly rehomed into a safe and loving environment.



Beautiful Sid has been adopted by his fosterer and is living the life to the full!

Sid was brought to us having been removed by the inspectorate following footage of his owner beating him.

Despite his ordeal, Sid has adjusted to a life of being loved with ease and has even made friends with the family cat. We wish Sid every happiness.


Socky has been in our care for nearly six months.

Socky has gone to live in a beautiful home set in a farm where she can spend her twilight years snoozing in the courtyard and enjoying lots of fuss from her new family.

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