The CDCH Centre Celebrates Their 4th Birthday!

Although the charity has been in existence for over 80 years using boarding kennels and foster homes, The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home centre in Cambridge, Gloucestershire only opened in 2016 and will be celebrating its 4th Birthday in September 2020!

Your help is needed to ensure we make it to our 5th Birthday and beyond! Its been a tough year for us all and we have certainly all noticed the hit at the centre.

Rather than having to worry about these difficult times we are currently facing, we want to celebrate whats been happening at the centre over the last 4 years!

Since September 2016 the centre has rehomed 728 animals! These animals have all come into us for a number of reasons. Maybe their owner was moving into a home where they couldnt take a pet with them. Or an animal was mistreated and the RSPCA had to step in. We have never judged what an animal has come in for or their background. We only use this to understand the animal more and be more aware of what we can do to help that animal. We never put a healthy dog down this is something we are very proud of. Every animal deserves a second chance.

We now have 3 clinics in Gloucestershire t to help those owners that are receiving income support have access to more affordable vet care. We have supported over 800 animals per year in our community and ensure they have access to any vet care requirements they may need. Without access to more affordable vet care these animals could have had a very different outcome. We are proud to be able to help our community with this.

In September 2016 we adopted our very first animals from the centre into their forever homes! Pingu the cat also celebrated his 4th Birthday in May! Here is what Pingus owner had to say;

'When we first adopted Pingu, he was a very nervous timid cat. He would go and hide when any new people arrived. Now he will accept strangers in the house, even approaching them to get attention. '

'He is a very loving and playful cat. Table tennis balls, toy mice and chasing laser beams he finds enjoyable.'

'He likes human company. He will always come and sit close to people, but he is not a lap cat. He loves being stroked and tickled.'

'He hunts at nights and loves to bring me mice both alive and dead. I still prefer the dead ones. Trying to catch the live ones is not my favourite activity. '

'He seems to think feeding time should be at sunrise and will start meowing at first light. Great in winter, but not in the summertime. Then when you feed him he won't eat unless you stay and watch him. '

'He does sleep a lot during the day, but because he hunts at night. He has always been a slim cat.'

'I always had a cat in my younger days and wanted to have a cat for company in retirement. I thought adopting was the way to do it. I have never regretted adopting Pingu. '

Our centre manager, Amy, who has been at the centre since it opened! Here is what she had to say about the centre turning 4 years old;

I cannot believe it has been four years already and what an amazing four years it has been. Myself and another two team members, our Seniors on Cattery and Kennels, have been lucky enough to see the centre grow. We started in an empty building with a whole lot of excitement and some apprehension about the work we would be doing, to a thriving hub that supports some of the most vulnerable animals in our community. '

'We have had some entertaining times here at the centre, and we often say that you just couldn't write it! To be honest, it usually involves the animals getting up to some kind of mischief and creating complete chaos! '

'The animals with whom we work with, bring so much to our lives, laughter when they are goofy and playful, happiness when we see them turn a corner and begin to heal and of course, lots of love when they begin to trust us.'

'The job is incredibly emotive and I have so much admiration for our Animal Care team and their ability to cope with some of the challenges they face every day. One minute, they can be assisting the vet to euthanise an animal who has been under their care due to a medical condition, which is heart breaking for them, and the next minute, greeting a potential adopter and chatting to them enthusiastically about the unique and special animal they are hoping to adopt. '

'We are lucky enough to have an amazing group of volunteers who work with us, not to mention a huge amount of support from the local community.'

'Over the last four years, I think we have learned so much from our experiences at CDCH and the animals who have graced our doors. We can't wait to see what the future holds for CDCH. With the help of our supporters, we hope to make a huge difference to many animals lives. '

We have loved the work we have done over the past 4 years. We hope to continue to be able to provide this support network to the community and animals in need. To be able to do this we need YOUR HELP.

Will you help CDCH continue work into their 5th year and beyond?

Please DONATE what you can, any amount is hugely appreciated. The more donations, the more animals we can help. All of the work that CDCH do couldn't be done without YOUR SUPPORT. For that we are forever grateful. You are setting the pathway for us to help animals in need. Thank you!

Please DONATE NOW BY CLICKING HERE. Support CDCH and the animals that need us.

Thank you.

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