Penny's Story (now Peggy Sue)

We have four adopted cats, three of which are rescued from CDCH, our latest furbaby wasn’t planned at all. Back in February my husband and I were driving to the airport for a holiday and in the taxi, I saw the Facebook post of a dear 3-legged kitten named ‘Penny’. I called CDCH and said ‘if she hasn’t gone by the time we get back, we’d have her’.

Penny had a rough start in life, she was rescued by the RSPCA and had to have her leg amputated at just 8 weeks old. Whilst we were away, we thought of her a lot, and despite having three other rescue cats, just knew that we could give her a loving, safe home that she deserved. The day after we landed, I called, and discovered that she was still there. Later we went to visit her and were so pleased to be able to adopt her.

Normally you should take time integrating pets, so we put her in her own room with food, a bed, blanket, toys and litter tray. It turned out that our other cats had other ideas, all sniffing and scratching to get in the room. We reluctantly opened the door and couldn’t believe it, they all sniffed her and backed off. It was as if they knew she was vulnerable and that her needs were greater than there’s. They even stood back from their food bowls for her. They all immediately got on. Our black cat instantly took her under his wing and became so protective. He follows her everywhere and vice versa, it’s her ‘Bestie’. Whenever he comes through the cat flap, she runs up to him and grooms him. It’s beautiful to see and when they play, it’s so gentle.

Peggy has a lovely little character, she doesn’t meow, she squeaks, particularly in the morning when she’s pleased to see us. We are always greeted with a squeak and a rolly polly! She is very playful and loves ping pong balls, rolly polly’s, watching wildlife documentaries and adores her bag! . . .yes, a bag. One of those hessian ones. One day she stole it and dragged it from the kitchen to the lounge and slept in it. She looked angelic! She plays in it, sleeps on it and takes it from room to room. She has all these plush beds, but it’s the bag that she loves.

We can’t help but think that she had suffered at the hands of humans as she still gets spooked about being picked up, however she’s getting more affectionate and is so brave and confident. She purs gently having her belly rubbed on her terms. Her three legs don’t hold her back at all, she can run so fast. Just like human amputees, she does have a ‘ghost limb’ and now and again she tries to use her stump in the litter tray and can’t work out why it’s not covering anything up. Or she goes to put her leg down and it’s not there and she stumbles.

Peggy endured a lot in her early weeks of life, thankfully to the RSCPA and CDCH she was rescued, had medical attention, the operation and rehabilitation at her foster Mums (one of the lovely staff at CDCH). All of which would’ve cost a considerable sum of money to give her the best possible chance in life.

It’s safe to say that she has landed on all three paws. Peggy stole our hearts from the moment that we saw her and she couldn’t be any more loved in her furever home. At the time of adoption, we didn’t know why she was named ‘Penny’ – apparently it was because she was like a lucky penny, as she got picked up. She sure was! Thank god nobody gave up on her.

We just can’t thank the incredible work of those people that rescued her and continue to work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals that have been abandoned or neglected by no fault of their own. CDCH is such a special place.

Mr & Mrs Leppard

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