Puppies Arrive At The Centre With Deadly Parvovirus And End Up In Critical Care

Following a call from the RSPCA Inspectors, we agreed to take in a large number of puppies who had been removed from an appalling environment.

The animals found at the property, were in filthy, squalid conditions, living amongst their own urine and faeces. When they arrived with us at the centre, they were far from the healthy, bright little pups they should have been.

Almost immediately after their arrival, it became apparent that something was not right and two of the pups were admitted to the vets.

As the hours went on, more and more of the animals began to exhibit signs of a dangerous virus known as parvovirus and within a couple of days, the incredible team at Vale vets had all the pups in their critical care unit, with the crew working around the clock to care for them.

Parvovirus is a highly infectious disease that can be fatal.  Many dogs who are diagnosed with parvo will die.

The virus attacks cells in a dog’s intestines and stops them from being able to absorb vital nutrients. This means that a dog or puppy will become very weak and dehydrated.

Puppies go downhill very quickly because the symptoms caused by parvovirus make them very weak, and mean their immune systems have to work very hard to fight the disease.

Despite all of our efforts, two of the pups sadly did not make it.

Slowly but surely, the other pups have been making steady and slow recoveries from this terrible virus and we are pleased to report, they are now bright eyed and doing all the things that pups should be doing!

The pups are expected to cost the centre in excess of £5,000 by the time they are able to go to new homes (we will also see them back when they are old enough to neuter them as part of our adoption agreement).

When animals who are sick, like these little pups, arrive in our care, we know that they will require a great deal of veterinary care, round the clock care from our centre team, food, medication and much, more. All of these things will incur a large cost to the centre and we really need your help.

During the pandemic, the Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home have been hit hard by the loss of income from our shops. We need your help now more than ever.

If you can PLEASE DONATE to help us care for sick puppies like those in this story. To DONATE please click HERE.

Thank you!


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