Rescue Cat Adopts a Kitten of Her Own!

Poor little Dobbie (previously known as Nemo) was only seven days old when he was orphaned, and brought into the Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home.

About a week later, another kitten, Archie, joined us with his mum Pixel. Archie was the only surviving kitten in his litter, and had a very special bond with his mum.

Despite being in new, unfamiliar surroundings, Pixel proved herself to be a very caring and dedicated mother, and the staff at the shelter decided to introduce her to Dobbie. It’s well known that mother cats can occasionally ‘adopt’ orphaned animals, but they had no idea that Pixel would take to Dobbie so easily.

After careful screening, Archie was put into a carrier and placed next to Dobbie. This allowed them to swap scents while mum Pixel oversaw the interaction. Afterwards, both kittens were handed over to Pixel, which was a tense moment for the staff - but they needn’t have worried, as Pixel immediately began washing Dobbie as if he was her own.

For the next few weeks, Pixel looked after both kittens, and Dobbie was even taught how to suckle from her. Dobbie also benefited from having a new brother: being about a week younger than Archie, at first he struggled to keep up - but he was determined to be able to play with him. Pixel soon became even more protective of Dobbie than she was of Archie - perhaps because she sensed this weakness.

Pixel and Archie were able to teach Dobbie how to interact with other cats, and other important life lessons like how to use a litter tray and eat solid foods. This feline guidance combined with his daily interactions with human staff gave Dobbie the best of both worlds, and he soon became a well-rounded kitten with a strong bond with humans, as well as cats.

Happily, Dobbie and Archie have since been adopted into the same family, where they still love nothing more than snuggling and playing together. Mum Pixel has also found her forever home, and her doting new owner told us all about how well she’s settled in. “Her favourite morning activity is to run around playing with her many toys, and in the evening she loves laying on me while we watch TV or read a book,” she says. “Pixel also enjoys sitting on the windowsill chirping at the birds and sitting on the stairs spying on you through the banister. She isn't the biggest fan of the back garden but enjoys sitting in the doorway letting the house get cold!”.

Despite the pandemic, The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home continue to care for many animals in need. We have seen a huge decrease in income and we need your support to continue the work we do. If you can, please donate HERE to support our work.

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