Update From The Parvo Pups

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

You may have read about the number of pups that were bought into us by an RSPCA inspector that that the deadly parvovirus. If you missed it you can read more about them HERE.

We wanted to give you a bit more of a background around these beautiful puppies, and who better than their main handler, Mary.

Mary has cared for them since they arrived. As they came in with the virus we have had to be really careful about contamination to our other dogs. This meant a change in rota and ensuring whoever was looking after the puppies that day wouldn't mix with any of our other dogs.

We also shut off one of our paddocks and only used this for the pups to save cross contamination.

Mary wanted to share her experience with you;

"Having these pups in at the centre brought some highs and lows. When they first came in and we got the dreadful news that they had parvo was certainly a blow."

"With the death rate for puppies with parvo being so high it was very apparent that not all them were going to make it and sadly we lost two.

After a week, some of the puppies returned to the centre after a period of intensive care at the vets and those healthy enough went into foster."

"There were certainly some worrying moments, one puppy was showing signs of dehydration and was rushed back to Vale Vets. After some more treatment he slowly got better and came back to the centre."

"There has been a lot of not so pleasant poos and smells produced by these pups and a lot of cleaning up of mess, but it has been totally worth it when you see the progress they have made."

"The puppies came in so poorly, and with each week we have seen them get stronger, healthier and cheekier! It is such a pleasure to watch them run about playing with toys, each other and generally causing a lot of chaos and mischief; it's even better (and extremely cute) when they snuggle up in your lap and arms and fall asleep!"

"Watching these pups bounce back after having such a horrendous start to life has to hands down been the most rewarding moment of my career at CDCH. The team at CDCH and Vale Vets have done such an incredible job to give them the best chance possible for a normal and happy life that every dog deserves."

HUGE thank you to our wonderful team and all of the staff at Vale Vets for their support and care. These pups sure are lucky to have such wonderful people to look after them!

The pups are expected to cost the centre in excess of £5,000 by the time they are able to go to new homes (we will also see them back when they are old enough to neuter them as part of our adoption agreement).

When animals who are sick, like these little pups, arrive in our care, we know that they will require a great deal of veterinary care, round the clock care from our centre team, food, medication and much, more. All of these things will incur a large cost to the centre and we really need your help.

During the pandemic, the Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home have been hit hard by the loss of income from our shops. We need your help now more than ever.

If you can PLEASE DONATE to help us care for sick puppies like those in this story. To DONATE please click HERE.

With our recent appeal on Facebook and donations that have come in online we are about half way to raising the £5,000 target! We couldn't be more grateful!

Thank you!


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