Jazz's Road to Recovery

Updated: Jan 18

Jazz (12 years old) and her two other terrier siblings, Raz and Taz, arrived at the centre just before Christmas. It was clear they each needed medical attention but Jazz needed more urgent help.

As you can see, her eyes are very glazed over and much smaller than the average.

She was referred to an eye specialist at Vale Vets, Dursley where she had an examination and ultra sound of her eyes. The vet unfortunately said that he thinks Jazz has had an untreated eye disease for a very long time and there isn't much eye left, so it means she’s been through the worst. A normal eye would be around the size of a grape, and Jazz's are now smaller than raisins.

As Jazz is showing minimal to no signs of discomfort or pain, along with vet advice, we have come to the decision to not remove her eyes, as they can be maintained with eye drops which she will need daily for the rest of her life.

Jazz also has multiple mammary tumors that will be removed when she is spayed.

She has coped incredibly well adjusting to our environment here at the centre, and is such a confident little character. This would suggest that Jazz has had to cope with being blind for a significant time and has adapted to loss of sight very well. You can clearly see that her other senses have enhanced to ensure she is able to know what is going on around her.

Jazz absolutely loves human attention, and loves nothing more than cuddling up on our lap whilst we work in the office! She also really enjoys going on walks off-site and exploring new areas which is just amazing to see. She always have her nose down to the floor sniffing out her next move!

The cost of her examination, removal of tumors, spay and daily medication is expected to cost around £700. One of her siblings, Taz, also requires more medical investigation but we will keep you updated as and when we know more.

UPDATE: We have raised over £700 though this appeal to ensure Jazz gets the medical attention she needs and deserves. Shes coped so well to this point but we hope to make her life as comfortable as possible. She is already benefiting by being on her daily medication and is enjoying life with her siblings by her side. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and sent well wishes,

You can still help with the ongoing care, and day to day costs of caring for this trio until they find a home. Just £10 will pay all of their meals for three days!

WAYS TO HELP JAZZ - You can donate via our website HERE. - You can sponsor Jazz or another animal in our care via our website HERE.

Thank you, from the team and Jazz!

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