Your sponsorship will mean the world to pets like Lola, Humbug and Edie 

Lola has been at the centre a long time and is still looking for her forever home

Humbug who needs to have his leg amputated when he is old enough

Edie has been abused and is recovering from a broken leg as a result

Mables Puppies need sponsorship until they are old enough to find their forever home

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Sponsor a cat or dog at CDCH and help provide expert care and rehabilitation for as little as 32p a day!

By becoming a CDCH sponsor you will help in providing a safe space for animals in need, access to medical treatment and plenty of love.

You can become a CDCH sponsor yourself or sign up as a gift for a loved one - the perfect gift for someone who has everything!

You'll receive a lovely welcome which includes;
- Welcome letter
- Case file from one of our cats or dogs including a message from them!
- A CDCH branded pen or car sticker
- Stickers
- Access to all of our events and open days including a VIP tour (once covid restrictions have been lifted)

You will also receive a regular update from the animal you sponsor - when the animal you sponsor finds their forever home we will be sure to update you and let you know the next lucky animal you will be supporting. 



We do everything in our power to ensure the animals that come to us have the best possible care. Our facilities are an exemplar in the precision of animal welfare and this could not be achieved without our amazing staff, volunteers and donors like you!

We uphold a target of at least 2 hours enrichment time a day for each animal, which is 4 times the recommended amount by RSPCAs minimum standards. For dogs, this means time away from their kennels and our cats receive at least three cuddle sessions and play times from our staff and volunteers. 

We operate on an 8am - 8pm shift rota allowing more time for our animals to be cared for, walked and fussed.


It's super easy to start your sponsorship! Just click the button below to be taken over to the sponsorship form!