4 years & 8 months





Domestic Short - Hair



Living With Children

I would be best suited to live in an adult only home

Living With Dogs / Cats

I would prefer to be the only pet in the home

Ideal Home Situation

I would prefer a quiet home, with a cat patient cat savvy owner

Introducing our beautiful girl Tilly

Tilly is a gorgeous tortie girl who is currently finding the sudden changes to her life very stressful. 
She is finding cattery life a little difficult, but is really starting to come out of her shell now.

She has started to gain in confidence recently, and will now come over for a fuss and attention. Although, she still can be spooked by fast movements.
She does really seem to enjoy having a fuss, and will approach you for fuss.

Tilly is looking for a quiet, adult only home, without too many comings and goings, where she can have the time and space to settle in at her own pace.

She's looking for a very special person who is willing to give her the time and care that she needs to fully relax into a new home.
She'll need a cat savvy owner, that is happy to give her her own space, gentle care, understanding and lots of love, whilst she is adjusting to her new environment.

She would be best suited to live on a quiet road with a larger sized garden, where she has space to explore and relax safely.