AGE: 4 Years 

SEX: Male

Tommy is looking for an adult only home, a home where he is the only pet and for very experienced owners.

They say that our early experiences are really important to our development and play and large part in the people that we become.  So, it’s easy for us to understand why our Tommy has a quirky little personality and a little bit of an attitude.


Tommy didn’t have the best start to life.  He didn’t experience all the wonderful things we’d want our new puppy to experience, he never had the chance to socialise, play, know unconditional love and be set a few doggy boundaries.  Tommy spent his early years isolated and crated.

On 8 November Tommy will have been with us for 409 days.  He has made enormous progress, he’s a happy little man who loves getting out and about, loves cuddles (most of the time) and is generally great company but there are times when he’s a grumpy little so and so and needs to be given space.

We would love to find Tommy an incredible new family who will love him for who he is but who will also slowly expand his world.  It won’t be all plain sailing with Tommy but we love this little man to bits and think that he’s worth all the effort.

If you like a bit of a challenge and have the time, experience, the right attitude and lots of love to give to Tommy get in touch with us.

Can you offer Tommy forever home?

Yes? Great, then please complete our perfect match form!

If we feel that you are a good match we will get in contact to arrange a viewing.

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