Vincent (OneTooth)


13 years old

Living With Children

I would be best suited to live with teenagers upwards




Domestic Long-Hair



Living With Dogs / Cats

I would prefer to be the only pet in the home 

Ideal Home Situation

I would need to be homed as an indoor only cat

Introducing Vincent (OneTooth)

Vincent is a very handsome 13 year old male, one toothed, black cat, who initially came into the centre as a stray.

This distinguished gentleman loves nothing more than having a good fuss and attention. He loves to be stroked, and purrs away whilst having a fuss. He is very well mannered and sweet natured.
Although he is not really a lap cat, he is more than happy to snuggle up in bed with you. He tends to prefer 'human' beds to his own, where he can often be found stretched out laying in the sun!.

Shortly after intake at the centre it was noted that he had an infected/diseased ear canal, and needed an operation to remove the ear canal. As a result of the operation he is left with one normal ear, and one very small ear. 
Vincent's blink reflex was affected during his surgery, meaning that he will need ongoing eye drops to his left eye every few days just to prevent his eye getting dry. He is very good for this, especially if it is timed in with him having a fuss!. 

Vincent absolutely loves his food, and will tell you when it is nearly dinner time. 

Despite his age Vincent is VERY playful with toys in the home, and will spend hours chasing around balls from room to room, his favourite toys by far being feathers.

Because he is long haired he will need regular grooming, as he finds it difficult to groom himself with only one tooth, he is very good for this, although prefers not to have his belly brushed. 

Vincent can be nervous in new situations, and if he gets spooked will run away and hide. Because of this he is looking for a quieter home without too many comings and goings.

We think that Vincent would be best suited to an indoor home where someone is home for the majority of the time, where he can get all of the fuss and attention that he deserves.

We think that Vincent would be best suited to be homed with teenagers upwards.